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My grandfather, Governor Coke R. Stevenson, welcomes General Dwight Eisenhower to the annual Aggie Muster at Texas A&M College on April 21, 1946 in College Station, Texas. As a graduate of Texas A&M, I will honor my fellow aggies today. Today is also San Jacinto Day, when Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna and secured freedom for Texas. Please take a moment today to reflect on loved ones we have lost and on those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

Happy Easter! He is risen! I am so thankful for God's blessings in my life, especially my wonderful family. May the Lord bless each of you and your loved ones, and send us spring rains to fill our streams, rivers and lakes.

Enjoyed visiting with Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND representatives about issues important to many landowners and ag business owners throughout the 12 counties in State House District 53. Water, property rights and limited government, among other issues, are important to all of us. Please don't forget to vote for me in the runoff election: Early Voting May 19-23 Election Day May 27

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"Politicians make promises. Leaders provide results." - Andrew Murr

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